An Introduction to a Career in Grounds Maintenance

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On Monday 7th October 2019, Crestra started a 5-day work experience programme in partnership with Amber Valley Alternative Provision Team, which took place at Brook Park in the Shirebrook area of Mansfield. The programme involved 13; young people aged between 14 and 16 years old.

One of the aims of the programme was to give young people an insight into the role of a grounds maintenance worker whilst making the Brook Park suitable for public use. The purpose of the work undertaken by the young people was to maintain the park entranceways to allow for continued access to the park.

Each young person enrolled onto the programme was present on site for 2 hours. Once they arrived on site, they were provided the correct personal protective equipment (PPE) which included boots, gloves and high vis. jacket. During the 2 hours on site, they had the opportunity to take part in four different work tasks, these included:

  • Assess the area of work this involved using litter pickers, hoops and bags to pick litter form the site
  • Cut back shrubs and hedges overhanging the public pathways, ensuring that all obstructions are removed using extending loppers and secateurs.
  • Mow the grassed public pathway area using the petrol mower.
  • Use the blower machine to clear and tidy the area they have worked on

After completion of all four tasks, the learners were provided a booklet about Crestra and the work that they undertake within the local community.

Following on from the practical tasks, the Crestra team filled out a questionnaire with the young people themed around working conditions and typical earnings within the industry. This allowed the young people to gain an understanding on what it would be like to have a career in the Grounds Maintenance sector.

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